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Battery Mechanisms


Our Standard, Medium and Large Quartz battery powered mechanisms have been sourced from the industries leading manufacturers, enabling us to offer a diverse range of interior and exterior clocks.


Our Ultimate mechanism redefines the boundaries of battery powered mechanisms as it has the power to drive hands on clocks up to 2000mm in diameter. Powered by two size D Duracell batteries with a battery life in excess of one year this mechanism enables us to produce clock features unrivaled by any other UK company.


Seconds Hands


Up to 450mm diameter clock dials with battery mechanisms.

Time Control


All of our battery powered clocks require manual hand adjustment for summer / winter changes, however our Ultimate mechanism is supplied with a simple stop start controller.




We offer a 1 year guarantee on our battery only mechanisms

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Dials up to 300mm, requiring a single AA size battery.



Dials up to 450mm, requiring a single AA size battery.



Dials up to 900mm, requiring a single C size battery.



Dials up to 2000mm, requiring two D size batteries.

Solar Power


Our Ultimate battery powered mechanism can be supplied with a solar panel and rechargable batteries, which will increase the life expectancy of the batteries to in excess of seven years.


The solar panel itself measures a discreet 30mm x 70mm enabling it to be installed in virtually any location.

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