Roof turrets



We have one of the largest standard range of roof turrets available, with a wide choice of styles and sizes available to suit any application. Our attractive GRP roof turrets can be used simply for their aesthetic appeal or for specific functions - a clock tower, to carry a weathervane, as a source of natural light or as a venting outlet.

Each roof turret is designed and manufactured using low maintenance GRP to meet specific requirements of the customer. A great deal of attention is given to the moulding details and roof finishes ensuring that the original style, colour and even surface finishes of traditional materials are maintained.


With a range of body and roof styles available and a choice of colour, we can produce a design to suit any property.

Cupola Deal


  1. Oxford or Winchester style roof turret

  2. Lead effect Pagoda or Pyramid style roof

  3. Choose either our Classic or Skeleton style clock face

  4. Choice of weathervane or grp lead effect finial

  5. Complete with our automatic clock Resynchroniser controller


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Arched louvred roof turret with corner detailing

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Simple straight louvred design

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A taller version of our popular Winchester style

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Customisable open sided tower with columns

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Standard and bespoke designs available

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Hexagonal & Octagonal


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Square cupola with rectangular louvres

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Standard and bespoke designs available

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