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Bell Chiming and Striking


Our electronic bell chiming systems are supplied with a small but powerful internal amplifier which when used in conjunction with our high quality audio recordings and played through our tried and tested weatherproof TOA speaker, produces a sound which is often indistinguishable from real bells.


Our electronic bell striking systems are supplied to strike one 400W electromagnetic-hammer as standard. The controller can easily be adapted to control more bells where required.


Both units are fully programmable via a control panel with LCD display, for weekday / weekend night silencing, chime type and hammer strike speed. Chiming and striking is synchronised with either the atomic time signal via an external MSF or GPS receiver or by using our more popular Total Control System with Tempus Time Chip, all of which automatically adjust for BST / GMT changes.

Bell Chiming


Electronic bell chime with 30w internal amplifier and one speaker



TOA or Harman Kardon amplifier for use with three or more speakers



Additional 30w TOA weatherproof speakers

Bell Striking


Electronic bell strike and tolling controller



Easy to install electromagnetic hammers

  • Programmable chiming periods

  • Choice of two

  • chime types

  • Adjustable chime volume

  • Will also control
    and synchronise
    our clocks

  • MSF or GPS synchronisation

  • Can power two speakers without an external amplifier

  • A solar powered option is available

  • TOA amplifiers for mains powered installations

  • Harman Kardon amplifiers for low voltage and solar charged battery installations

  • Allows for an unlimited number of speakers to be used

  • High quality TOA CS304 wide range speakers

  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor installations

  • Complete with fixing bracket

  • Dynamic speakers offering a very realistic sound and resonance

  • Programmable striking periods

  • Choice of striking type and speed

  • Will also control
    and synchronise
    our clocks

  • MSF or GPS synchronisation

  • Controls up to two electromagnetic hammers as standard

  • Range of hammer head sizes

  • Adjustable fixing bracket to enable internal or external bell striking

  • Easily adjustable head position

  • Low maintenance

  • To be used with our Total Control System with Bell Strike Module

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