Bespoke weathervanes


In addition to our standard ranges of weathervane, custom designs can be manufactured to any size and from virtually any material. We can work from artwork supplied or help design a unique weathervane. Below are just a few examples of some of the designs we have previously manufactured. Our bespoke weathervanes can be supplied with one of our standard fixing kits to install the weathervane directly to a roof or gable end, roof turret or clock tower.

Bespoke silhouette designs in mild steel - start from £200 + VAT (if DXF or ai file is provided)
Bespoke silhouette designs in mild steel - start from £250 + VAT (if we create artwork for approval prior to manufacture)

Bespoke silhouette designs in stainless steel - start from £350 + VAT

Bespoke silhouette designs in copper - start from £500 + VAT

Bespoke 3D designs - start from £1,500 + VAT

Weathervane - Lion
Weathervane - Puffin
Weathervane - Tottenham Hotspurs
Weathervane - Horse Racing
Weathervane - Bespoke dog
Weathervane - Tottenham Hotspurs
Weathervane - Bespoke dog
Weathervane - Vintage Car
Weathervane - Black feather
Weathervane - Train
Weathervane - Gunner
Weathervane - Running Nun
Weathervane - Hunter
Weathervane - Stainless steel Rooster
Weathervane - Tottenham Hotspurs
Weathervane - Arrow with sign writing
Weathervane - Bespoke dog
Weathervane -  Red Feather
Weathervane - Polo players
Weathervane - Cat and Dog
Weathervane - Skier
Weathervane - 3D Eagle
Weathervane - Crop Sprayer
Weathervane - Tug Boat
Weathervane - Abby Field Care Home
Weathervane - Viking Boat
Weathervane - Coach and horses
Weathervane - Griffen
Weathervane - Toucan
Weathervane for Jamie Oliver
Weathervane - Rooster
Weathervane - Horses heads
Weathervane - Springer Spaniel
Weathervane - Norman