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Clock restoration and conversion



At our heart we are a modern clock company specialising in the manufacture and supply of new clock components utilising the latest technologies and using modern materials.


We offer a range of products that can be used in conjunction with traditional clock components to help get stopped clocks working again or as direct replacements. Mechanisms to power the motion works of a clock, replacement electric movements, control systems for automated time changes, power failure corrections and night silencing are just some of the products we offer.


We also offer a full dial and weathervane restoration service including making digital copies of your dial, replicas of long lost originals, sand blasting, painting and 23 1/2 gold leaf work.



Replacement powered mechanisms for fitting directly to your dial and hands. Sometimes modification of the hands is required.


Our mechanisms can also be used to drive directly on to the connection rod which joins the mechanical clock to the motion works on the rear of the dial.



A range of controllers used in conjunction with our mechanisms for automated time changes and power failure corrections.


Can also be used to synchronise clocks with electromagnetic hammers offering simple automated on and off bell strike control.



We refurbish dials by firstly taking digital photos of the dials, these are then converted to line drawings on a computer so a stencil can be produced to re-gild or paint the dials.


Prior to the chapters being re-applied the dials are generally blasted, primed and painted.



Electromagnetic hammers for internal or external striking of a bell.


Fixing brackets can be supplied to order.


Requires one of our fully automated controllers to operate it but can be supplied with a manual override option.



Because of how long we have been working within the industry we have acquired a selection of bells which we offer for sale.


If we have nothing of interest, we will work with our associates in the industry to find someone that can help.

Being an open and honest company we know our strengths and weaknesses and when it comes to mechanical clock servicing and repair, bell striking as well as rope access work, we are the first to admit we are out of our comfort zone.
Over the last 30+ years we have built a strong relationship with some of the country's leading 'traditional clock' experts whom we work with regularly. Should we feel that your enquiry would better suit their skills then we would put you in direct touch with them, or if there is benefit in you dealing with us directly we would happily work with them as project managers to ensure you get the best service possible.

- We do not offer maintenance or service contracts for mechanical clocks only for our components

- We do not supply systems that complete the auto winding of mechanical clocks

- We do not supply control systems to strike more than one bell

- We work closely with many of the country's traditional clock engineers and should you want us to we will gladly project manage any job

Church Clock
Restored clock dial for church
Restored clock dial
Original clock motion works
Church Clock
Restored public clock
Restored public double sided clock
Window clock
Restored skeleton clocks
Skeleton clocks restored
Skeleton clocks in cupola
Residential large exterior clock
Large exterior clock on building
Restored clock face
Electric clock mechanism
Restored clock in tower
Tower clock
Clock tower
Clock tower
Restored original clock feature
Gold leafed skeleton clock
Bezel clock skeleton dial
Real bell in tower with clock
Bell clock tower
Refurbished clock
Restored clock on tower
Suspended clock in clothes shop
Train station clock
Large indoor clock
Exterior clock
Black and gold skeleton clock
Gold skeleton clock on tower
Clock controller
External clock
Illuminated skeleton clock
Gold and red skeleton dials
Large exterior clocks
Gold leaf on skeleton clock
Electric clock for motion works
Outdoor skeleton clock
Restored church clock
External hammer for church bell
White external clock
Black and gold exterior clock
Clock dial restoration
Tower clocks
Large individual chapter clock
Exterior clock outside museum
Restored clock face
Clock outside church
Clock Tower
Tower clocks
Black and gold skeleton dials
Clocks above gateway
Restored clock dial
External clock
Tower Clock
Clock tower
Inside clock tower
New Mechanism driving original
Clock dial under gable
Clock tower
Large outdoor clock feature
Pavilion clock
School clock
Grand clock in bullseye
Clock in gable
Gold leafing a dial
Clock tower feature
Skeleton with centre star feature
Church clocks
Before and after clock dial
Original clock motion works
Clock tower
Clock in a gable end
Electric clock mechanism
Large clock feature
Electric clock mechanism
Black and gold clock in bullseye
Clock controller and mechanism
Large outdoor clock for school
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