Clock tables



Our in-house design team have used their expertise in the design and manufacture of special clock features to create this range of stunning clock tables suitable for board rooms, dining rooms, receptions, living rooms, garden patios, conservatories and much more.


These tables create central features for any room or space with working clocks keeping accurate time at the heart of each design. The battery powered mechanisms are unrivalled in their quality and specification. The clock tables are manufactured in a variety of sizes, shapes, finishes and materials including but not limited to brushed or polished stainless steel, black with gold detailing and clear or frosted glass. Designs can also be adapted to include a backing behind the clock face to match corporate colours, home decor, wallpaper, room themes, flooring and more to create a unique and personalised clock table.

Time Control


Our battery powered clock mechanisms require manual adjustment using the controller provided as standard.


Our fully automated Resynchroniser clock controller can be used with our mains powered mechanisms.

Running Cost


Both our battery and mains powered options cost as little as £6 per year to run.

Style and Shape


Round, oval and square shaped dials and tops, with a choice of frame and leg design.

Glass Top


Hard wearing 10mm thick toughened glass with polished edges. Available with etching 

Dial Design


Various designs including Art Deco, Mackitosh, Modern and Skeleton style.



Aluminium, acrylics, stainless steel, granite and marble are some of the materials we use.

Size Chart




  • 610mm

  • 760mm

  • 915mm

  • 1000mm

  • 1220mm




  • 610 x 1220mm

  • 760 x 1520mm

  • 915 x 1830mm

  • 1000 x 2000mm




  • 610mm

  • 760mm

  • 915mm

  • 1000mm

  • 1220mm

Square table clocks
Glass table clock
Round clock table
Dining room clock table
Garden clock table
Glass clock table
Stainless steel table clock
Round table clock
Square table clock
Table clock in bar
Hotel Conference Room Clock Table
Conference room clock table
Patio clock table
Garden clock table
Restaurant clock table
Clock table
Patio clock table
Glass top clock table
Square clock table
Black clock table
Meeting room clock table
Conference clock table
Dining room clock table
Black clock table
Office clock table