Verdigris 3D weathervanes


Our larger size 3D weathervanes are made in either copper or aluminium finished with a Verdigris copper effect unique to each weathervane. Each vane has been designed to complement and fit our range of cupolas and clock towers or a selection of fixing kits for wall and roof mounting are also available.


Each of our Cottage Copper Weathervanes has been treated with a special solution to achieve a natural Verdigris patina unique to each weathervane. The patina colour can vary and is not a uniform finish that will continue to change over time.


To really make a weathervane stand out and shine in the sun we can either partially or fully gild any of our standard and cottage weathervanes using 23 1/2 carat gold leaf.

Cottage weathervanes start from only £75 + VAT - Traditional weathervanes start from £90 + VAT