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Floral clocks



Floral clocks make stunning features in parks, seafront promenades and open spaces.


We offer hands and mechanisms that are suitable for planted clock dials up to 5m in diameter. Manufactured to the highest specification for heavy duty outdoor use the mechanisms have stainless steel enclosures with acetal gears (a hard wearing self lubricating moisture resistant material) and stainless steel drive shafts. To help prevent vandalism the mechanism is fitted with torque limiting hand fixings.


The clock face itself can be planted out to entirely fill the space and create the chapters around the dial, alternatively we can manufacture Roman or Arabic numerals that can be positioned around the dial with plants and flowers used to fill in behind.

Time Control


Our TCS controller will automatically adjust the hands for summer and winter time changes and advances to the correct time following any power failures.

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For ideas on plants to use in your floral clock design.

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Weighing approx 150kg in its waterproof casing



Simple baton design with ball end counter balances

Torque Limiter


Adjustable torque setting to allow for manual adjustment of the hands



Custom made dials as an alternative to plants

Clock Hands


Our floral clock hands are moulded in GRP - 'glass reinforced polyester', a lightweight, durable and astonishingly tough constructional material with a very long life span.


The hands can be finished to any BS or RAL colour.


The hands are fitted with torque limiting fixings to help prevent against damage from potential vandalism.


Floral Clock Hands
Installing Floral Clock
Floral Clock Dial
Installed Floral Clock
Floral Clock with numerals
Manufacturing Clock Hands
Floral Clock in Wales
Planted Floral Clock
Alice in Wonderland Clock
Exterior clock with flowers
Exterior Floral Clock
External Floral Clock
Floral Clock
Pocket Watch Floral Clock
Large Exterior Clock Hands
Exterior Floral Clock Hands
Llandudno Floral Clock
Numerals for a Floral Clock
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