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Glazed roof lanterns


Our standard range of GRP cupolas and roof turrets can easily be adapted to incorporate glass instead of the usual false louvre panels. Alternatively commissions can be taken for glass or double glazed cupolas manufactured to your own design.


Glazed roof turrets allow natural light into a building and when illuminated create a spectacular night time feature.


As standard we on our bespoke glazed turrets we supply trickle vents and double glazed k glass.


Internal finishing and insulation of the turret will be required after installation.


Optional Base Skirt


White, white T&G or Lead effect  decorative base to cover your timber ridge box



All of our roof turrets can be finished with between one to four clock faces.



Weathervanes and finials to finish off your roof turret

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Installation and insulation


When turret is delivered to site the glass will be supplied loose and not pre-installed.


This is for safety during 

transportation, to reduce the weight during lifting into place and to enable bolting down the turret to the roof structure through the frame prior to the glass being installed.


Removable glazing bars, packers and a rubber seal are provided with easy to follow fitting instructions.

Glazed cupola
Glazed roof lanterns
Square glazed turret
Bespoke glazed cupola
Roof turret with glass
Gazed cupola
Octagonal roof turret
Glazed turret
Square turret with glazing
Matching roof turrets
Glass roof turrets for hospitals
Glazed roof turret
Roof turret with glazed windows
Glazed cupolas with gold finials
Glazed cupolas
Bespoke glazed tower
Roof turret with windows
Glazed roof turret
Cupola with windows
Glazed roof lanterns for a church
Hexagonal glazed cupola
Large dome with glazed windows
Glazed lantern
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