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GRP Features



GRP has opened up many new avenues for Architects and creative designers, its unique physical properties allow it to be easily tooled, moulded and manufactured to meet almost any specification. In order to imitate the original detailing found on traditional roofing and structures all of our moulds for grp roofs and features are taken from hand crafted lead, copper and tile patterns.


Realistic fibreglass surface finishes, colour matching and even aging is achievable. We have a large range of special moulds, which can be used in numerous ways such as on lift shafts, restaurants, entrances, etc.. The advantages of working with GRP are reduced weight, increased strength and minimal maintenance.


Replicas or replacements of past or existing structures can be manufactured in GRP, working from photographs or even measuring what is left of the original feature.

What is GRP?


An abbreviation for 'glass reinforced polyester' GRP is a lightweight, durable and astonishingly tough constructional material with a very long life span.

GRP Replicas


Replicate features in low maintenance lightweight GRP

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Replicate original wood and metal structures in grp, lightweight and low maintenance
Roof Turrets


Decorative false louvred GRP roof features


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Bespoke custom made grp tower turret
Clock Towers


Custom designed and replica clock towers


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Bespoke custom made grp clock tower
Domes / Roofs

Standard or bespoke designs


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GRP fibreglass lead effect domes and roofs


Larger canopies made to measure


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GRP canopies and structures
Building features


GRP columns, cornicing, cast iron effect guttering

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GRP decorative features and structures


Extra large roof features



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Bespoke grp finials, roof features and caps


Minarets, mihrabs, domes,

hemispheres and roofs

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Mosque minaret domes, mihrabs, finials and grp features


Gurdwara decorative GRP roof features


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GRP features for Gurdwaras, domes, canopies and finials


New features or replicas of originals


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GRP roofs, towers, turrets and spires for churches
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