Hexagonal & Octagonal

roof turrets and clock towers


Our Hexagonal and Octagonal style roof turrets, clock towers and cupolas are available in standard designs range from 500mm wide up to 4.2m. Most of our standard designs can be modified to suit customer requirements.


Manufactured in GRP with louvre effect sides the cupola comes in white as standard but can also be produced to match a particular RAL or BS colour.


Where a cupola is to be used for ventilation purposes, powder coated aluminium louvre panels can be fitted in place of the GRP false louvres.

To allow the roof turret to be secured to your pre-constructed and lead flashed ridge box an internal bolt flange is incorporated within the cupola.

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Contact us with your design choices so we can price the cupola to your exact requirements
Optional Base Skirt


White, white T&G or Lead effect  decorative base to cover your timber ridge box



All of our roof turrets can be fitted with any of our standard clocks.



Weathervanes and finials to finish off your roof turret

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Most of our roof turrets can be adapted to offer a means of achieving inlet and outlet ventilation with the addition of aluminium ventilation louvres, whilst providing an attractive architectural enhancement of the property on which they are installed.


For simple free air movement in a roof space slots can be routered in to the GRP which is then backed with insect mesh.