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Interior clocks


Our clock factory is renowned for producing large exterior and outdoor clocks for buildings, for over 30 years, but we are also experts when it comes to designing and making bespoke and often large interior clocks too.

Our interior clocks are made to order for residential and corporate clients around the world and whilst we have many standard components that can be used in them, we do not offer a standard clock. Available with a range of clock movements and mechanisms including battery, battery backed and mains powered, with optional controllers to complete time changes and corrections.


The clock factory team will help create a bespoke clock to suit your requirements, manufactured to any size and from virtually any material. Dials can be customised with sign written names, initials, dates and corporate logos.



Designs can be completely bespoke or we can utilise one of our standard exterior clock products. Designs can be gilded digitally printed or hand painted  / crafted.



Dial, no dial, circular or square, the choice is yours, and virtually any size too, meaning that the limitation is your imagination.



Virtually any material can be used. Glass, Stainless Steel, Painted Metal, Fabrics, Granite and more, with detailing added in a wide variety of mediums.



Whilst we prefer to use our mains powered synchronous clock mechanisms, we do offer a range or battery movements for clocks up to 2000mm diameter.

Clock Control


Careful manual adjustment of the hand, a simple controller for advancing the hands, to a mains powered fully automated worry free controller.

Bespoke custom made interior clocks for residential and commercial customers
Large bespoke custom interior clocks, mains or battery powered
Clock tables, wall clocks, bespoke clock features
Custom made interior clocks, mains powered or battery powered
Specialist clock manufacturer for large clocks for buildings, houses, sports pavilions and schools
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