Interior clocks


Our clock factory is renowned for producing exterior clocks for over 30 years, did you know we are also experts when it comes to designing and making bespoke and often large interior clocks too.

Our interior clocks are made to order and whilst we have many standard components that can be used in them, we do not offer a standard clock. The clock factory team will help create a clock to suit your requirements, manufactured to any size and from virtually any material. Dials can be customised with sign written names, initials, dates and corporate logos.


Clocks can be produced for sitting on a table, hanging directly on to a wall or framed in one of our bezel surrounds with an acrylic or glass cover. Dial designs can be similar to our standard outdoor clock ranges or fully customised with corporate logos, colours and branding. Second hands can be supplied for most dial designs up to 450mm.


The clock factory team have used their expertise in the design and manufacture of special clock features to create a range of stunning clock tables suitable for board rooms, dining rooms, receptions, living rooms, garden patios, conservatories and much more. These tables create central features for any room or space with working clocks keeping accurate time at the heart of each design.


As well as manufacturing complete interior clock features our clock factory also produces and sells a wide range 230v mains powered clock mechanisms, 12v clock mechanisms, battery and solar powered mechanisms, automatic time controllers, clock hands and clock dials to interior design companies, shop fitters and sign manufacturers.

Contact us with your design choices so we can price the clock to your exact requirements
Seconds Hands


Up to 450mm diameter clock dials with battery mechanisms.

Time Control


All of our battery powered clocks require manual hand adjustment for summer / winter changes, however our Ultimate mechanism is supplied with a simple stop start controller.




We offer a 1 year guarantee on our battery only mechanisms

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Dials up to 300mm, requiring a single AA size battery.



Dials up to 450mm, requiring a single AA size battery.



Dials up to 900mm, requiring a single C size battery.



Dials up to 2000mm, requiring two D size batteries.

Mains Power


Our standard mains powered mechanisms can be used for interior applications too, offering features that battery ones do not.


  • For dials up to 6000mm diameter

  • Seconds hand option

  • LED illumination of hands

  • Extended shaft for passing through a wall

  • Automated control systems for time changes and power failure corrections


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