Clock Mechanisms

Our standard 230v electrically driven clocks mechanisms for interior, exterior and outdoor use, are quite simply, built to last. All parts are machined to fine tolerances and non-ferrous materials are used throughout. The main plates and support tube are in brass, as is the hour tube and all gear wheels. A Stainless Steel minute spindle provides support and strength and does away with corrosion problems associated with inferior mild steel shafts. Even the locating screws are Stainless Steel.


For added protection, each of our 230v clock movements is then fitted inside an IP rated case and all internal wiring is completed. There is no on-site wiring required. We supply all relevant leads so that the mechanism can be connected to a standard three-pin socket directly or via one of our automated clock control systems.



For dials up to 610mm in diameter using light weight hands.



For dials up to 610mm in diameter.



For dials up to 1220mm in diameter. With clutch for manual adjustment.



For dials up to 1800mm in diameter. With clutch for manual adjustment.



For dials up to 2440mm in diameter. With clutch for manual adjustment.



For dials up to 4000mm in diameter.



For horizontal and inclined dials up to 6000mm diameter.

Slip Ring


Slip rings can be added to allow for LED illumination of the hands.



Our 'Direct Drive' mechanisms are used to convert traditional clocks.

Multi Handed


Additional hands for seconds, wind speed & direction & call to prayer.