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Medieval style dial design


Our Medieval style dials are produced in laser cut acrylic with a coloured backing behind the numerals and a white centre, which can be illuminated if required.


The numerals, chapter rings and hands are all hand finished with either 23 1/2 carat gold leaf for exterior and interior applications or silver leaf for interior applications. Three dimensional sun and moon figures are available on certain dial sizes.

Main image shown with bespoke moulded hands. Generally all hands are flat silhouettes.

Protective Dial Cover


For dials up to 2m we can provide an impact resistant cover to help protect against vandalism..



Our Medieval style clocks can be fitted with a white opal acrylic backing either for simple visual effect or to enable back illumination of the dial.



For surface mounting of dials, GRP moulded and metal fabricated designs available.



All of our clocks come with a 3 year guarantee.

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Standard Sizes          460mm       610mm       760mm       915mm       1000mm       1220mm       1500mm       1800mm       2000mm

Medieval dial in a clock tower
Medieval clock in swimming pool
Medieval Clock Face
Pool House Clock
Clock Tower
Clock in brick tower
Clock tower
Medieval close up
Illuminated Medieval dial
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