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Protective Dial Covers


We offer a range of impact resistant covers to go over our dials and hands to help protect against vandalism.


Protective covers can often detract from the look of the clock so we would always suggest what we feel the most suitable style is for the chosen clock design.


It's important to note that condensation and fogging may occur, but most installations may never experience these issues. However, if needed, ventilation holes can be drilled in the acrylic cover to help regulate air temperature. Using an old drill bit, it's ideal to create three holes with a diameter of 4 or 5mm in the return edge, preferably around the bottom.

Glass and acrylic fogs up when there's a significant difference in temperature and humidity on either side of the surface. This phenomenon occurs due to condensation. When warm, moist air comes into contact with a cooler surface, such as glass, the air cools down rapidly. As it cools, it loses its ability to hold moisture, causing the water vapor to condense into tiny droplets on the surface, creating fog or mist.

Condensation typically happens when the temperature of the glass or acrylic is below the dew point of the surrounding air. The dew point is the temperature at which the air becomes saturated with moisture and can no longer hold it in vapor form. When the warm, moisture-laden air encounters a surface below this temperature, such as a cold window, clock cover or mirror, condensation occurs.

Surface mounted


Blow moulded impact resistant acrylic covers that can be fitted over surface mounted dials

Domed with housing


Blow moulded impact resistant acrylic covers suitable for bezels, drums, pillars and cupolas

Flat with housing


Instead of our standard acrylic covers we prefer to use toughened glass when manufacturing bespoke bezels and drums

Flat cover glass
Bespoke interior clock
Pillar clock with cover glasses
Bespoke exterior clock
Skeleton clock with cover glass
Clock with protective cover
Bespoke sponsored clock
Golf ball clock
Clock on golf course
Golf Course clock for 1st tee
External pillar clock
Bezel wall clock
Signage clock
Clock with signage
Pillar clock
Seasonal clock
Installing a pillar clock
School playground clock
Village pillar clock
Town centre clock
Pavement clock
School playground pillar clock
Bezel clock outside shop
Promotional clock
Clock for inside a pub
Square clock
Four sided pillar clock
Shopping centre pillar clock
Logo on clock
Promotional clock
Promotional clock at golf tournament
Public pillar clock
Civic clock with four dials
Village pillar clock
Installing a pillar clock
Village centre pillar clock
Two sided pillar clock
Bezel clock in a school
Flat cover glass bezel clock
Four sided pillar clock
Clock matching street furniture
Pillar clock street sign
Projecting drum clock
Rotary sponsored pillar clock
Pavilion clock with protective cover
Village hall clock
Bezel clock with cover glass
Village hall clock
Skeleton clock in a bezel
Skeleton bezel clock
Bespoke short golf club clock
Pillar clock with signage
Sponsored bezel clock
Modern bezel clock
Bespoke pillar clock for village
Signage pillar clock
Clock with Arabic numerals
Village clock with signage
Two sided clock for golf course
Bezel clock inside a pub
Stainless steel bezel clock
Clock with school name on dial
Personalised bezel clock
Bezel clock
Bezel clock outside a shop
Pavilion clock
Sports pavilion clock
Rugby Club clock
Sports club clock
School playground clock
Public clock
Bezel clock with a cover glass
Sports pavilion clock
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