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Salisbury style roof turrets and clock towers


Our Salisbury style roof turrets, clock towers and cupolas are 900mm wide and manufactured in GRP with louvre effect sides and finished with a unique attractive wood grain in order to achieve a gloss painted timber effect. The cupola can also be produced to match a particular timber colour complete with highlighted grain. We offer a range of roof styles and optional decorative base skirts.


Where a cupola is to be used for ventilation purposes, powder coated aluminium louvre panels can be fitted in place of the GRP false louvres.

To allow the roof turret to be secured to your pre-constructed and lead flashed ridge box an internal bolt flange is incorporated within the cupola.


Optional Base Skirt


White, white T&G or Lead effect  decorative base to cover your timber ridge box



All of our roof turrets can be finished with between one to four clock faces.



Weathervanes and finials to finish off your roof turret

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What is GRP?


An abbreviation for 'glass reinforced polyester' GRP is a lightweight, durable and astonishingly tough constructional material with a very long life span.


Our GRP roof turrets are also easier to install than their traditional material counterparts, require no painting and minimal maintenance.


A great deal of attention is given to the moulding details of our cupolas to ensure a truly authentic  looking finish.

Roof turret with copper roof
Roof turret with real louvres
Tall roof turret
Roof turrets for housing
Cupolas for houses
Cupola in dark brown
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