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Square Drum Clocks


Manufactured in GRP or aluminium and powder coated to a semi-gloss finish our square drums come in black as standard but can be matched to any BS reference if required. They can be fitted with any of our standard square dial designs including Modern, Art Deco and Mackintosh styles.


Drums can be fixed by means of a projecting or hanging bracket and can be as ornate or as simple as required.


Internal illumination, signage, company logos or even our bell chiming system can be added to help personalise a clock and make it unique to the application it is intended for.

Easy installation


Only the power cable requires a hole through the wall, all other components are housed in the drum

Protective Dial Cover


For dials up to 2m we can provide an impact resistant cover to help protect against vandalism..



Our Skeleton style dials can be fitted with back illumination to enable them to be seen at night..



All of our clocks come with a 3 year guarantee.

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Square drum clock in London
Square Drums being manufactured
Brown drum clock
Square Drum Clock
Three sided Square Drum
Square Drum clocks in manufacture
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