Ventilation turrets


Most of our standard GRP roof turrets, clock towers and cupolas can be adapted to offer a means of achieving inlet and outlet ventilation with the addition of aluminium ventilation louvres, whilst providing an attractive architectural enhancement of the property on which they are installed.


Alternatively for simple free air movement in a roof space slots can be routered into the GRP which is then backed with insect mesh.


Where required bespoke aluminium ventilation turrets can be manufactured, offering a greater free air space and this style is more suitable for hot air and fume extraction. 

Routed Slots


Standard GRP cupola designs with routed louvres backed with insect mesh

Louvre Panels


Aluminium louvre panel inserts for our standard range of cupolas

Ventilation Turrets


Fully venting louvred cupolas made to order

Clock Towers


In most instances our ventilation turrets can also have a clock fitted.

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Access Panels


Aluminium louvre panels and removable GRP louvre panels can provide a means of access to a sealed roof space.


Sealing of the panel is recommended every time a panel is removed and refitted.