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Bespoke clocks


At Good Directions we have the expertise to design and manufacture clocks to any size and in virtually any material. We can work from ideas and sketches to produce eye catching designs and realistic artist impressions. Concept designs can be produced in 2D and 3D CAD as well as scaled 3D printed prototypes.




To find out more about....


  • Choosing the right size, style and colour of clock

  • Installation options and guides

  • Our clock control systems explained


Time Control


Find out more about our automatic clock control systems.      Read more>



LED lighting in white or colour changing with remote controller.



Hand finish 23 1/2 carat gold leaf detailing.




Logos, branding and dates using vinyl graphics and digital printing.

Laser Cutting


Intricate cut out shapes and detailing.

Square bespoke clock
Disney Store Paris
Clock over shop
School clock
Student accomodation clock
Bespoke clock
Peppa Pig World clock
Harrods Signature Room London
Bespoke rectangular clock
Scouts clock illuminated
Dame Alice Owen School1
Peppa Pig World clock
Eaton Place Shopping Centre
Bespoke stainless steel cube clock
Barracks clock
Stainless Steel cube clock
Copper effect clock
Disney Store Milan
Scouts clock
Student accomodation clock
Disney Store London
Disney Cafe Harrods
Dartford Harriers
Darrick clock on wall crop
Darrick clock close up
Dame Alice Owen School2
Harrods Shop at Heathrow
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