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Traditional style dial design


Our Traditional style dials are moulded in GRP and offered in six standard colours, Black, White, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Green and Maroon as shown below. The dials are convex in profile up to 760mm diameter. Larger sizes are flat. The raised outer ring, Roman numerals, minute and hour markers are finished with 23 1/2 carat gold leaf. Available in seven sizes from 300mm - 1220mm.


Dials can be produced in non standard colours and customised with sign written names, initials, dates and corporate logos.


Traditional style exterior clock

Standard Sizes          460mm       610mm       760mm       915mm       1000mm       1220mm       1500mm       1800mm       2440mm

Verdigris Copper Effect


Our dials can be finished with a natural verdigris copper effect to the face at an additional cost.

Protective Dial Cover


For dials up to 2m we can provide an impact resistant cover to help protect against vandalism..

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Return Edge Dial


For surface mounting of dials up to 790mm a moulded return edge can be added to the dial at no extra cost..



To find out more about....


  • Choosing the right size, style and colour of clock

  • Installation options and guides

  • Our clock control systems explained




All of our clocks come with a 3 year guarantee.

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