Standard and bespoke clocks and features for interior and exterior use.


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Roof Turrets


Large range of decorative and functional cupolas and clock towers.


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GRP Features


Light weight fibreglass structures custom made to any design.


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Standard and bespoke GRP and copper finials and decorative features.


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Large range of 3D verdigris copper and silhouette styles.


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British manufacturer for over 30 years!


Good Directions Ltd designs, manufactures and installs exterior and interior clocks, clock towers and architectural features. A large standard range of products is available and bespoke products can be designed to suit customer requirements.


Competitive on price, never beaten on quality! We pride ourselves on the fact that we produce 95% of the components and products we sell and as such we openly welcome our customers to visit our offices and factory.

Exterior Clocks and Interior Clocks


We offer an extensive range of traditional and modern exterior clocks, clock mechanisms, clock control systems and electronic bell chiming systems. Dial illumination, custom signage and company logos can easily be added to any of our designs. Many of our clocks for exterior use can be used internally as well, in addition we also produce custom designed interior clocks up to 2000mm diameter, which can either run off mains power or from our extra heavy duty battery mechanism unrivaled by any other. Our Resynchroniser Controller and our Total Control System v3 with MSF, GPS or Tempus Time Chip allow for worry free time keeping and adjustment of our clocks.


Clock Towers and Roof Turrets

Our standard range of GRP clock towers can be fitted with up to four exterior clocks. Real bronze bells and electronic bell chiming systems can be added for that finishing touch. GRP cupolas and roof turrets are manufactured in a variety of styles and can be customised with any of our weathervanes, used for ventilation or a source for natural light.


Bezel Clocks and Drum Clocks


Single sided bezel clocks make installation easy as all components can be surface mounted onto a wall. We offer a range of standard designs including 'Ogee and Bull Nose' or they can be bespoke designs manufactured to suit customer requirements. Double sided drum clocks come fitted with brackets for projecting them off a wall or hanging from a ceiling. These can be manufactured from our standard drum clock ranges 'Ogee and Bull Nose' or bespoke designs to suit customer requirements.


Pillar Clocks


Pillar clocks are free standing clock features for town centres and communal areas. Standard designs include our two-dial ‘Albert’ our four dialled 'William' and our 'four-dial ‘George’. Custom designs can be made incorporating seating, memorial plaques and many other design features.


GRP Features and Structures


GRP features, structures and fabrications can be manufactured to specific designs and sizes. We have a large range of special moulds including domes, decorative features, roofs, spires and canopies, which can be used in numerous ways such as on lift shafts, restaurants, entrances, etc..




We offer an extensive range of three-dimensional weathervanes, in two sizes 'Traditional' and 'Cottage' each made in copper with brass directionals. In addition to our standard range, bespoke weathrevane designs can be manufactured to any size and from virtually any material.



Prestigious Clients