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Bezel clocks


We offer a range of exterior clocks with choice of bezel surrounds that enable a dial, mechanism and back illumination to be surface mounted on any structure or wall.


As standard we offer GRP decorative designs up to 1500mm, as well as a simple aluminium design with flat return edges. Each bezel profile has been designed to complement the companys range of Classic, Traditional and Skeleton clock styles.


Lighting, signage, sign writing, company logos and electronic bell chiming systems can be incorporated into clock designs. A protective glass cover made from impact-modified acrylic can be applied to the clock face if required.



GRP moulded bezel with bull nose front edge.

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GRP moulded bezel with ogee outer edge.

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Simple clean design with flat sides.

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GRP moulded and metal fabricated design.

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All of our bezels clocks are simple to install.

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Our clocks are generally powered directly by 230v mains or converted to 12v by a power supply unit.


For installations where power is not available, battery or solar charged mechanisms can be used.


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Housing a skeleton or custom made dial produced in acrylic or glass in one our of bezels allows for it to be illuminated from behind.


Low voltage and cheaper to run, LED illumination is our preferred choice. As standard we offer two shades of white but for a truly eye catching feature we can supply colour changing RGB.

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Inspiring design solutions created for you.

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Protective Dial Cover


Most of our bezel styles and sizes can be provided with an impact resistant cover to go over the dial and hands to help protect against vandalism.                              Read more>

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