Exterior clocks


We offer a large standard range of clock dial styles and sizes, which can be mounted directly to a wall or housed within one of our Roof Turrets, single sided Bezels, double sided Drums or double or four sided Pillar Clock features. Our standard dials are generally produced in GRP and most come with 23 1/2 carat gilded numerals.


Dials can be produced in non standard colours and customised with sign written names, initials, dates and corporate logos. Our Design Team can help create a clock to suit your requirements, manufactured to any size and from virtually any material including Aluminium, Brass, Copper, Glass, Granite, Steel, Stainless Steel and more.


Our mechanisms can in many sizes and are generally produced in Brass and Stainless Steel however do use specialist engineering grade plastics as required. Each mechanism is supplied in a plastic box to offer some protection from the elements however unless specified they should always be inside another housing or building. The mechanisms are supplied as standard with leads and plugs which make them easy to install.

All of our clocks are mains powered as standard and can be adjusted manually however 12v and battery powered versions can be supplied where required. Our direct 230v mains clock controller the 'Resynchroniser' completes automatic restarts at the correct time after a power failure and also stops and starts the clock(s) for summer winter time changes. Our Total Control System is a 12v system that can be used anywhere in the world and is supplied with a 110 - 240v transformer as standard. Our Total Control System with MSF and GPS both rely on a signal to link them with the atomic time signal for accuracy, whereas our Total Control System with Tempus Time Chip uses a super accurate internal time chip which makes it easier to use, with automated advancing of the clock as required.



Convex dial with Roman or Arabic style numerals.

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Convex dial with Roman style numerals.

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Raised Roman numerals and chapter rings.

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Simple clean designs in a variety of materials.

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Art Deco


Inspired by 1920's and 1930's design.

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Inspired by Architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh.

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Design inspired by the Medieval period 1300 AD.

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In colaboration with architects and designers.

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Our mechanisms are produced to the highest standard using brass and stainless steel.


However when working to a budget we can use modern materials such as Acetal, a self lubricating plastic to reduce cost without compromising on quality.


All our mechanisms are supplied with our plug and go cabling and easy to follow instructions.

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Time Control


We offer a range of mains powered control systems that complete time adjustments and power failure corrections.


Battery and solar powered alternatives are also available.

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Bell Chiming


We offer electronic bell chiming and bell striking.

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