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George Pillar Clock


This four sided pillar clock can be manufactured in any of our standard colours - black, blue, green or red. Alternatively we can colour match to surrounding street furniture or any British Standard colour required. Our standard George pillar can be tailored to suit customer requirements. Signage panels, illumination, chimes and gold leaf scrolls can all add to the presence of a pillar clock and create a stunning yet functional feature central to the community.


  • Dial Housing - Moulded in GRP the housing can be painted to any BS reference

  • Post - Moulded from an original Aluminium casting, this GRP column and base with inner galvanised steel core, can be painted to any BS reference

  • Dial design - A choice of dial designs including our Skeleton, Traditional and Classic styles in either 610 or 760mm diameter

  • Mechanisms - 240v mains powered high torque brass and Stainless Steel clock mechanisms produced for exterior use


Supplied complete with:


  • Resynchroniser v4 LED controller for automated time adjustments

  • LED back illumination subject to dial design

  • Delivery to site with the inclusion of crane unloading if we are installing

George Pillar Clock.jpg
Time Control


Our Resynchroniser v4 controller completes automatic restarts after power failures as well as summer winter time changes.


It is easy to install and simple to use.

Read more>

Bell Chiming


Electronic bell chiming can be added to our pillar clocks.          Read more>



LED lighting in white as standard or colour changing as an option



Engraved plaque, sign writing to dials and dial box in vinyl or gold leaf



Our team of experienced engineers will install your clock



Lockable door to access the electronics at the base of the pillar

Four sided pillar clock in village
Four sided pillar clock
Commemorative plaque on pillar clock
Signage panel on pillar clock
Village name sign written on clock
Blue pillar clock
Pillar clock with donors plaque
Clock matching street furniture
Four sided pillar clock
Pillar clock exported to Georgia
George style pillar clock
Pillar clock with town name
Four sided pillar clock
Pillar clock in park
Pillar clock with skeleton clocks
Blue pillar clock
Pillar clock
Commemorative pillar clock
Pillar clock
Four dial pillar clock
Four skeleton dials in pillar clock
Pillar clock
Pillar clock in shopping cantre
Pillar clock in high street
Pillar clock outside shops
Pillar clock
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