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Golf Ball Clock


Our Golf Ball clocks are made of GRP with scaled realistic dimples. The balls can be personalised in many ways including logos and text applied to the ball itself, as background to a clock dial or in place of a clock dial. This is an eye catching way of displaying details of a sponsor, club, major competition or course information, which can be changed as required.


The dial cover glasses are made in clear UV stable PETG (high impact acrylic) and are fitted with Allen key screws to allow for easy access to the clock movements and controllers. The tee and spigots are made from Aluminium. The tee can be personalised with text and finished in a colour from our standard range of red, blue, green, yellow, black and white or we can colour match it to the logos or text on the ball.


The clock movements are mains or battery powered and can be controlled by various systems for use all around the world. The controllers keep the clocks synchronised with each other and at the correct time, and can also automatically adjust for the summer and winter time changes.

Golf ball.jpg


The ball and dial(s) can be sign written



Easy to install and can be moved where required



Ideal opportunity for corporate sponsorship



Battery powered as standard for ease of installation

Time Control


Our Resynchroniser v4 controller completes automatic restarts after power failures as well as summer winter time changes.


It is easy to install and simple to use.

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Bell Chiming


Electronic bell chiming can be added to our pillar clocks.          Read more>

Promotional Golf Ball clocks
Royal Winchester Golf Ball clock
Golf ball clock on first tee
Golf ball clock with sign writting
Golf ball clock with signage
Two sided clocks on golf ball
Golf ball clock with signage
Golf ball clock on golf course
Golf ball clock on 1st tee
6ft golf ball with signage
Promotional clock on golf course
Golf ball clock
Golf Ball Clock
Clock looking like a golf ball
Clock with signage for promotion
Clock with signage
Golf ball clock on a tee
Golf ball clocks at exhibition
Promotional golf ball clock
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